Before asking *us*, you ought to ask what the PyInstaller developers
think of the idea of:

- relinquishing copyright to the PSF;
- operating under the control of the Python core developers and steering
  council, under their terms;
- releasing versions under the schedule of the Python interpreter;
- under CPython's rules about backwards compatibility and new features;

Thank you for your input Mr Steven.
If we go along the same lines, i should
begin checking whether anyone who replies
forms part of the SC or not, whether they
have the right or not to reply to this thread etc.

Next time someone suggests a new feature
i would ask him why are you asking *us*?
ask the core devs as they will sponsor 
and they will approve. I asked what you think
as a polite way of introducing the idea for
discussion and not to be taken in the 
literal sense.
I combined the proposition and a viable candidate to get a clearer idea of the proposal.

I like your inputs on the mailing list,
appreciate your presence (you seem 
to be a landsmark of the list) but find
them a tidbit too spicy sometimes.
The points you brought forward undoubtedly stands good,
are to be considered, it's the choice of words
i guess.