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However, any proposals along those lines need to be couched in terms

of how they will advance the Python ecosystem as a whole, rather than
"I like using lambda expressions in my code, but I don't like the
'lambda' keyword", as we have a couple of decades worth of evidence
informing us that the latter isn't sufficient justification for

As to the importance of lambdas, on a more conceptual level, most people understand that λ-calculus is theoretically important.
A currently running discussion that may indicate that this is true and
pragmatic/software engineering levels also

At the other end of the spectrum on notational/lexical question…

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    I use the vim conceal plugin myself too.  It's whimsical, but I like the appearance of it.  So I get the sentiment of the original poster.  But in my conceal configuration, I substitute a bunch of characters visually (if the attachment works, and screenshot example of some, but not all will be in this message).  And honestly, having my text editor make the substitution is exactly what I want.

which I find very pretty!

More in the same direction:  http://blog.languager.org/2014/04/unicoded-python.html
Not of course to be taken too literally but rather that the post-ASCII world is any-which-how going that direction

As for
Nick Coghlan wrote:
Unicode-as-identifier makes a lot of sense in situations

Do consider:

>>> Α = 1
>>> A = 2
>>> Α + 1 == A

Can (IMHO) go all the way to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IDN_homograph_attack

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