Hey List,

this is my very first approach to suggest a Python improvement I'd think worth discussing.

At some point, maybe with Dart 2.0 or a little earlier, Dart is now supporting multiline strings with "proper" identation (tried, but I can't find the according docs at the moment. probably due to the rather large changes related to dart 2.0 and outdated docs.)

What I have in mind is probably best described with an Example:

    I am a

the closing quote defines the "margin indentation" - so in this example all lines would get reduces by their leading 4 spaces, resulting in a "clean" and unintended string.

anyways, if dart or not, doesn't matter - I like the Idea and I think python3.x could benefit from it. If that's possible at all :)

I could also imagine that this "indentation cleanup" only is applied if the last quotes are on their own line? Might be too complicated though, I can't estimated or understand this...

thx for reading,