I don't normally triple-post, but here it goes.

After re-re-reading this thread, it turns out one (1) post and two (2) answers to that post have covered a topic very similar to the one I have raised. All of the others, to my understanding, do not dwell over the fact that float("nan") is not float("nan") . The mentioned post was not quite the same as mine, but it still had two replies.

I will respond to them here. My response, again, is a curiosity why, not a suggestion to change anything. I agree that there is probably no real concern with the current state, I have never had a concern and the concern caused by change would dwarf any possible benefits.

Response 1:
This implies that you want to differentiate between -0.0 and +0.0. That is bad.

My response:
Why would I want to do that?

Response 2:
"There is not space on this thread to convince you otherwise." [paraphrased]

My response:
That comment was not directed at me and thus has little relevance to my own post.

Hopefully now you should understand why I felt need to ask the question after so much has already been said on the topic.

Finally, Mike Graham says (probably referring to me):
"I'm sometimes surprised at the creativity and passion behind solutions to this issue."

My response:
It was an immediate thought, not one dwelled upon. The fact it was not answered in the thread prompted my curiosity. It is honestly nothing more.