not sure where further discussion will be, but absolutely look at the length discussion already on this list, where your question has been much discussed.


On Thu, Sep 24, 2020 at 1:01 PM <> wrote:
Where is the discussion on this PEP going to be? In this thread, or a new thread? Sorry for not having followed these closely enough to know. I'd like to point out that boost-histogram and xarray (at least) would love this as well, as we both (independently) came up with dict-in-index workarounds for missing keyword arguments. An argument for "why not a function call" could be added: function calls do not allow assignment, so `h[x=3] = ...` does not have a pretty functional replacement.

Also, maybe a mention as to why simply making a new set of magic methods, `__get_item__(self, *args, **kwargs)` for example, is not a valid option? The nice thing about that is the current oddity that you can't tell `[(1,2)]` from `[1, 2]` could also be fixed, along with avoiding all the special cases mentioned (which are pretty safe). Then a class that defines the new magic methods would use those instead of the old one, similar to getslice/setslice/delslice?
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