not that anyone asked, but I"d only support:

> 2a) Adding a str.dedent() method

and maybe:

> 2b) Creating a constant-folding peephole optimization for methods on
immutable literals

and frankly, it's a much lighter lift to get approval than:

1) Creating a new type of string literal which compiles to a dedented
form of multiline string

Also -- more useful -- dedent() is helpful for non-literals as well.

Other than docstrings, the case for literals is pretty small, and docstrings are already auto-cleaned up.

> in all of the code I've ever written in Python (and that's quite a
> lot...) I've never actually had a case where I this feature would have
> made a significant difference to the code I wrote.

exactly -- I do have one case -- but that's for an instructional exercise where we are keeping things simple -- in operational code that string would have been in a file, or database, or ....


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