And now you made it sound even worse by insinuating that I don’t know the language and maybe I’m not a part of the community.

Anders, I'm sorry you feel that everyone is piling onto you.

Well a bit, but mostly I was just pointing out that the text I replied to wasn’t thought out and made it sound worse than it is (I think!).

I don't think they intend to pick specifically on you at all.

Agreed. It’s also maybe a consequence of using English where “thou”, “you” and “one” has been merged into one word, creating ambiguity. 

What Stephen and Paul are describing applies to everyone who wants to write a PEP.

Sure, but that there isn’t a list of people who form the deciding committee makes it very strange. That it applies to everyone doesn’t make it better, it makes it worse. 

 we have to answer questions and help prospective authors based on the text they show us.

Also agreed. The fastest responses on this list tend to be the most hostile and least constructive also, so if you read it after the fact and don’t pay close attention to the chronology it looks nicer than how it feels posting here. 

I have to admit that I've not followed the full context, but I recommend that you try to see that other posters in this thread are trying to help with kindness, not judging you or your skills. Good luck with your PEP, whatever it is about!

Sure. But I’m also pointing out that they are being (accidentally?) brusque. I know I am all the time! I keep apologizing and trying to backpedal when I realize I wasn’t understood in the way I was attempting. 

/ Anders