On Sunday, March 9, 2014 10:05:14 AM UTC-5, Antoine Pitrou wrote:
> tiny minority of users who are numerically naive TI-89 users.

I'm surprised: are physical calculators (TI-89) still in use today?

Oh my, yes.  They are the premier programmable graphing calculator
today (not the only one, or course) that supports advanced computation
(calc, linear algebra, &c) and with not only polar and rect coord graphing
but also 3D graphing.  Its native language is BASIC, in the calculator 
supports a plethora  of applications for science, business, academia, 
engineering, and also a host of organizer apps like calendar, notepad, 
spread sheet (yes, really) and more. Its a phenomenal device, really.

The TI84+ is also still marketed heavily; and it has been updated lately
with a color screen. It is not sufficient for college engineering work, but 
its fine for high school and general programming/graphing. Its language
is also BASIC.