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Where have you been when PEP 3108 was discussed?  I have not seen any other list of Python modules that needed a redesign, so I cannot tell what's on your top ten list.

Interesting.  I did not see this back in the day.  The top entry (urllib and friends) makes sense and there were heavily redesigned in Python 3.  I am surprised that distutils redesign got less support than logging and datetime.  I suspect that this may have to do with logging and datetime APIs not being PEP8 compliant.  Popular votes tend to exaggerate the importance of trivial things such as the spelling of class and method names and brush off more subtle, but important design flaws. 

I don't think PEP8 matters at all. Python is not PHP - it has namespaces and consistency between modules never was so important issue for me at least, and I am pretty picky. But it is only a guess. I let data change my mind if there will be some.

My theory is that these modules are just full of warts for specific but very common scenarios. Here is something that can be used as an example that it is not about PEP8 https://code.google.com/p/rainforce/wiki/WartsOfPython#measure_time And it takes a lot of energy to collect something like that for the reference. Usually you're just left a feeling that something suxx and this feeling is reinforced every time you hit the wart again and again. It's like AI learning.
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