On 01/12/2021 15:39, David Mertz, Ph.D. wrote:

However, even if I assume the mythical future PEP never happens, in terms of readability, a WORD is vastly less confusing than a combination of punctuation that has no obvious or natural interpretation like '=>'.  Or rather, I think that spelling is kinda-sorta obvious for the lambda meaning, and the use you want is kinda-sorta similar to a lambda.  So I *do* understand how you get there... but it still seems like much too much line noise for a very minimal need.

Hm.  A word is "vastly less confusing".  OK.  Should Python have been designed with
    x assigned y+1
rather than
    x = y +1
(note that '=' here does not have its "obvious or natural interpretation", viz. "is equal to").

Should we have
    (x becomes y+1)
rather than
    (x := y+1)

Conciseness *is* a virtue, even if it is often trumped by other considerations.
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