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> maybe, but we have many of the same issues -- we want the configuration tied to the environment, not to the user and all environments. And I'd rather have things done the same way on all platforms, rather than the native way on each platform, if I have to make a choice. That is, if there is a way to configure Python on Windows, I'd really like the SAME way to be available on all platforms.

On Unix, there are N ways (e.g. .envrc). N+1 way is really worthwhile?

yes -- I much prefer a "this is how you do it for Python" than a bunch of platform specific details.

And is there a good way to do it for environments (of various sorts) ? 

At least, `python.cfg` (or `python.ini`) in bin/ directory is not good
for Unix environment.

hmm -- that is true (though it is THAT bad ?!?), though it would be fine for virtual environments. And As has been mentioned many times on this is generally not a great configuration to set globally anyway.

>> And beginners should use a UTF-8 locale.
> Beginners may not know how to do that / have a choice.
> This is a question I still don't know the answer to -- I think that most (all?) non Windows platforms currently supported use utf-8 -- but is that guaranteed? That is, might some platform come up that does need utf-8 mode? So why not have it available everywhere, even though it will be a no-op on most systems.

UTF-8 mode is provided for Unix because there is environments for
*deployment*, like minimal Unix container image. They have only C

For desktop use, I think all Unix environments suited for beginners
use UTF-8 locale by default.
There is no guarantee. But if default locale is not UTF-8, I don't
think the environment is suited for beginners who learning to Python.

That's true, but not in Python's control.

But this is not just newbies -- see above, deployment and test  (CI) environments might need it too. 

Which is another good reason that having it be something that can be "turned on" by an virtual environment / requirements file would be very helpful.

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