On 28.06.2017 08:00, Nick Coghlan wrote:
Right, and I'd like us to keep in mind the KeyError -> AttributeError
(and vice-versa) use case as well. Similar to ExitStack, it would be
appropriate to make some additions to the "recipes" section in the
docs that covered things like "Keep AttributeError from being
suppressed in a property implementation".

As it was snipped away, let me ask again:

I don't see how this helps differentiating shallow and nested exceptions such as:

    with exception_guard(ImportError):
        import myspeciallib
except RuntimeError: # catches shallow and nested ones
    import fallbacks.MySpecialLib as myspeciallib

At least in my tests, exception_guard works this way and I don't see any improvements to current behavior. Moreover, I am somewhat skeptical that using this recipe will really improve the situation. It's a lot of code where users don't have any stdlib support. I furthermore doubt that all Python coders will now wrap their properties using the guard. So, using these properties we will have almost no improvement. I still don't see it as the responsibility of coder of the property to guard against anything. Nobody is forced to catch exceptions when using a property.

If that's the "best" outcome, I will stick to


because 1) Google finds it for me and 2) we don't have to maintain 100 lines of code ourself.