FWIW, Python 3.6 should print this in the console just fine. Feel free to upgrade whenever you're ready.


From: Mikhail V
Sent: ‎10/‎12/‎2016 16:07
To: M.-A. Lemburg
Cc: python-ideas@python.org
Subject: Re: [Python-ideas] Proposal for default character representation

Forgot to reply to all, duping my mesage...

On 12 October 2016 at 23:48, M.-A. Lemburg <mal@egenix.com> wrote:

> Hmm, in Python3, I get:
>>>> s = "абв.txt"
>>>> s
> 'абв.txt'

I posted output with Python2 and Windows 7
BTW , In Windows 10 'print'  won't work in cmd console at all by default
with unicode but thats another story, let us not go into that.
I think you get my idea right, it is not only about printing.

> The hex notation for \uXXXX is a standard also used in many other
> programming languages, it's also easier to parse, so I don't
> think we should change this default.

In programming literature it is used often, but let me point out that
decimal is THE standard and is much much better standard
in sence of readability. And there is no solid reason to use 2 standards
at the same time.

> Take e.g.
>>>> s = "\u123456"
>>>> s
> 'ሴ56'
> With decimal notation, it's not clear where to end parsing
> the digit notation.

How it is not clear if the digit amount is fixed? Not very clear what
did you mean.
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