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> [ munch - great conversation! ]
> On Sat, Apr 19, 2014 at 11:51:10PM +0100, David Wilson wrote:
> > My biggest gripe with Travis, though, is that they can and do remove
> > things that break what for me seems trivial functionality. This is
> > simply the nature of a one-size-fits-all service. From what I gather,
> > they previously removed old Python releases from their base image to
> > reduce its size.
> We've been using Jenkins connected to github on our khmer project.
> So far it's been rather fragile so Michael Crusoe (developer guy)
> is thinking about things like Travis.  hmm. :)
> > Windows licensing is hard, but given the scope of either Travis or the
> > PSF, I'd be surprised if there wasn't some person or group at Microsoft
> > to solve it for us, especially considering the new climate under
> > Nadella. I know at least that they offer free Azure time to open source
> > projects, even something like this could be used.
> I am happy to broker introductions at MS if someone is committed to doing
> the work :)

Steve Dower (from MS) and the other PTVS folks have been doing a fair bit of work around helping out with CPython, and has been looking at ways to simplify the CPython installer build process.

If you have additional points of contact within MS, that could be a good thing :)

> Note also that Mozilla and Numpy folk might have useful thoughts in this
> direction -- Mozilla does some insane number of builds per release (due to all
> the cell phones they need to support!) and the various Numpy folk mentioned to
> me that they were talking about a build farm.
> >> This means that it???s likely not going to be something we can just set
> >> it up and forget about it and will require an active infrastructure
> >> team to handle it. Now Python happens to have one of those, but we???re
> >> mostly volunteers with part times for on call stuff (who also
> >> volunteer for other stuff too!) and this would be a significant
> >> increase I believe in that work load.
> I and others have tried various angles on this in the past and indeed have
> fallen down in precisely this way... maintenance is just a bear.

Yeah, this is part of why a key goal for me this year is getting some *paid* developer time going into the CPython workflow tools, as well as more exploration of cases where PaaS usage may lower maintenance burdens for some of our hosted services.

If we can get both the CPython workflow tools and PyPI into a good state, *then* I think it may make sense to look at more ambitious things.


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