Steve Jorgensen <> ezt írta (időpont: 2019. nov. 14., Cs, 10:59):
Michel Desmoulin wrote:
> +1
> We already merged, os.path and glob with pathlib. Let's do all os and
> shutil.
> It's weird enough for beginners to even sumble upon that many ways of
> doing thing for FS.
> Le 20/02/2018 à 23:11, George Fischhof a écrit :
> > Good day all,
> > as a continuation of thread "OS related file operations (copy, move,
> > delete, rename...) should be placed into one module" 
> >
> > please consider making pathlib to a central file system module with
> > putting file operations (copy, move, delete, rmtree etc) into pathlib.
> > BR,
> > George
> >
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There have been many times now where I have been annoyed not to have rmtree in pathlib. I definitely would like to see that and other shutil capabilities added to that.
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Hi Steve,

nowadays I have no time to create a PEP from this. Nether I had in the past ... And now it is required to have a sponsor for a PEP.
It is too much for me alone ... But of course if you start to create a PEP I will be in