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The @ operator is meant for matrix multiplication (see PEP 465) and is already used for that in NumPy. IMHO just that is a good enough reason for not using @ as an elementwise application operator (ignoring if having an such an operator is a good idea in the first place).

Co-opting operators is pretty common in Python.  For example, the `.__div__()` operator spelled '/' is most often used for some kind of numeric division.  Some variations on that, for example vectorized in NumPy.  And different numeric types operate a bit differently.  The name of the magic method obvious suggests division.

I know, but if an element-wise operator is useful it would also be useful for libraries like NumPy that already support the @ operator for matrix multiplication.  Using @ both for matrix multiplication and element-wise application could be made to work, but would be very confusing. 

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