I really don't get the "two different signatures" concern. The two functions do different things, why would we expect them to automatically share a signature.

There are a zillion different open() functions or methods in the standard library, and far more in third party software. They each have various different signatures and functionality because they "open" different things. So what? Use the interface to the function you are using, not to something else that happens to share a name (in a different namespace).

On Wed, Jan 30, 2019, 5:06 AM Jamesie Pic <jpic@yourlabs.org wrote:
I'm not disagreeing by any mean. I'm just saying assembling strings is
a common programing task and that we have two different methods with
the same name and inconsistent signatures and that it's error-prone.
I'm most certainly *not* advocating for breaking compatibility or
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