You are doing illegal things with Python and believe me - it bites back :)

Remember that in Python you cannot just import modules (.py) just from arbitrary paths, unless you are using importlib or sys.path.

Hence here is the correct workflow using sys.path:

Microsoft (R) Roslyn C# Compiler version
Loading context from 'CSharpInteractive.rsp'.
Type "#help" for more information.
> #r "C:\Python\Python27_32b\Lib\site-packages\Python.Runtime.dll"
> using Python.Runtime;
> dynamic sys; using (Py.GIL()) { sys= Py.Import("sys"); }
> using (Py.GIL()) { sys.path.append(@"C:\Users\denis.akhiyarov\Downloads") ;  }
> dynamic testmodule; using (Py.GIL()) { testmodule = Py.Import("network2"); }
> testmodule.Network
[<class 'network2.Network'>]

Perhaps this should be documented here:



On Mon, Sep 26, 2016 at 8:40 AM, solospirit <solospirit@sohu.com> wrote:


I'm using windows 7 64bit + Visual C#2012 to develop WinForm 32bit application with .Net Framework 4.0. I want to call some python script within my winform application.

After read the document, i'm now able to call the following code within my WinForm application, and the result is correct.

            using (Py.GIL())


                dynamic np = Py.Import("numpy");

                dynamic sin = np.sin;

                double c = np.cos(5) + sin(5);



I'm using a python script from https://github.com/mnielsen/neural-networks-and-deep-learning/blob/master/src/network2.py by git clone to my local machine c:\mypath\neural-networks-and-deep-learning, it works inside python in my system.

I tried the following code, but the np returns NULL.

            using (Py.GIL())


                dynamic np = Py.Import(@"c:\mypath\neural-networks-and-deep-learning\src\network2");


I also tried the following code, but pModule also returns NULL

            string workingdir = @"c:\mypath\neural-networks-and-deep-learning\src";


            IntPtr pythonLock = PythonEngine.AcquireLock();

            PythonEngine.RunSimpleString("import sys\n");

            PythonEngine.RunSimpleString("sys.path.append('" + workingdir + "')\n");

            PyObject pModule = PythonEngine.ImportModule(workingdir + "\\network2.py");

How could I invoke such python script, thanks a lot!

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