Hi Vincenzo,

are you using the pythonnet/pythonnet repo on github? If so, you can modify the setup.py file to build a debug version (set CONFIG="Debug" near the top of the file). You can then attach the visual studio debugger to your python process and step through the C# code. If you're using the source from sourceforge I suggest you try the latest code from github instead and see if that fixes your problem.

Without a stack trace or more information about the crash it's hard to tell what might be going wrong I'm afraid.


On Thu, Jun 18, 2015 at 11:06 AM Vincenzo Gisondi <vincenzo.gis@gmail.com> wrote:
After recompiling the solution project of pythonent accordance with the
procedure oleskii for the .NET framework 4, I'm having a problem with my
code. Here are the first few lines where the crash occurs.

import sys, clr

sys.path.append ("G: / bin_EESPORt")
clr.AddReference ("ASAM.HILAPI.Implementation")
clr.AddReference ("ASAM.HILAPI.Interfaces")
clr.AddReference ("dSPACE.HILAPI.EESPort")
clr.AddReference ("dSPACE.HILAPI.EESPort.Interfaces")

from System import *
from System.IO import *
from System.Threading import *

from ASAM.HILAPI.dSPACE.EESPort import *      #here crash PythonWin
from ASAM.HILAPI.Implementation.EESPort.Error import *
from ASAM.HILAPI.Interfaces.EESPort import *
from ASAM.HILAPI.Interfaces.EESPort.Enum import *
from ASAM.HILAPI.Interfaces.EESPort.ErrorFactory import *
from ASAM.HILAPI.Interfaces.EESPort.ErrorObjects import *

When in debug mode i execute the line below Pythonwin crash:

from ASAM.HILAPI.dSPACE.EESPort import *   #here crash PythonWin

The PC system is windows 7 64-bit.

The IDE used is PythonWin with Python 2.7.9 MSC v.1500 32-bit (Intel)]
on win32.

The Frameworks installed are: .NET Framework 4 Client Profile, .NET
Framework 4 Extended, .NET Framework 4 Targeting Multi-Pack and Visual C
# 2010 Express.

Thank you in advance deposit for the help, I really need your help

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