Well, thank you Mark anyways.

I did more googling, and it did get me what I wanted this time.

The trick is WSDL which ships with your Visual Studio.

wsdl http://yourhost/mywebservice.asmx
csc /t:library mywebservice.cs

I hope this can help people with similar needs.


On Sat, Apr 25, 2009 at 5:10 PM, Mark McMahon <mark.mcmahon@autodesk.com> wrote:

Hi Larry,


I don’t think you would have gotten much of an answer with your first question.


When you say a web service – is it written in Soap/XML-RPC or something else? You mention SOAP below so that is what I expect you are interested in? Why isn’t it the ‘preferred’ method?


If you are interested in using .NET in Python – then your first step should be to see how it is done in C#, VB.NET or some other language and then translate that into Python (if you want to use Python).


The following in your mail below is confusing… “All I know is I compiled a the latest version from its web about 2 month ago”. Did you mean downloaded from the web and compiled?


Finally – I don’t know much about web services and am currently researching it myself (SOAP in Python – not planning on using .NET at this point) – so your reply to me below would probably have been better going to the mail list if you want to get an answer from them.






From: Larry Wang [mailto:lwanga@gmail.com]
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?? I am sorry. How do you want me ask my question differently?
I dont know too much about python.net, so normally if i want to referenece a .net lib:
import clr

This doesnt work if I just pass in a web service link to it. So if this can be done, how to do I properly reference it?
Google only resulted using SOAP related methods, which regular Python can do as well, and it's not my preferred way.

As for the Python.net version, honestly I can't tell. All I know is I compiled a the latest version from its web about 2 month ago, and overwritten it with my python 2.5 install. I dont know if this all makes any sense...


On Sat, Apr 25, 2009 at 7:13 AM, Mark McMahon <mark.mcmahon@autodesk.com> wrote:

It depends. http://www.catb.org/~esr/faqs/smart-questions.html

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Subject: [Python.NET] How to reference web services?

Hi everyone:

I need to reference a web service in python.net. Can this be done?