Some files were moved some time after being imported from svn. You need to use --follow to follow renames/moves, i.e:

git log --follow src/embed_tests/pyimport.cs

All commits from svn were imported into git (and are still there). The one you mention is here:

On Thu, Sep 8, 2016 at 4:18 PM Denis Akhiyarov <> wrote:
It happened to me multiple times that the author of particular piece of code was needed to be known.

But in the latest pythonnet repository on github we have seem to lost some of this history when transitioning from sourceforge.

Are there any git experts, who know how to rebuild the history to include some missing commits?

Here is a quick example. Based on a bug report [1] I'm looking at lost history [2] of this C# file in the master branch [3]:




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