Recently, there's been a spike in the number of warnings during the doc build. It turns out that most of these errors are related to class definitions. It just so happens that we've recently had a lot of PRs that added custom classes (Image repr PR, Transforms PR, and Viewer PR). This leads me to my question:

Does anyone know the effect of the sphinx config flag:


This flag is on by default, but setting it to False fixes a lot of the build warnings (and also removes many of the ImportErrors you mentioned on the viewer PR, Johannes). The strange thing is that turning this flag off just removes the table of class methods *but not* the normal docs for those methods. (For example, in the MCP class, the `Methods` heading and the 2-row table just below it will disappear, but the docs below that table remain.)

I'm inclined to just add `numpydoc_show_class_members = False` to `doc/source/` to reduce the noise during the build. Objections?