Hey all,

Did this cythonize issue ever get resolved? I can't build master or 0.10 easily because some pyx files don't have pre-built .c versions, while others do, and _build.py's calls to cythonize don't seem to work. (I know it's getting called, and I can see the returned distutil object, but cython doesn't print out the "compiling" message.)

Oddly, importing cythonize from a python session and passing it the same exact path works, and cython prints the proper message.

This is super frustrating -- I seriously cannot figure out what's not working.

Also, I think that the cython dependency version isn't actually 0.17 as stated. I have 0.18 and builds were failing with some complaint about relative import not supported, until I upgraded to the latest cython. 


On Sunday, February 2, 2014 11:52:58 PM UTC-6, Stefan van der Walt wrote:
On Mon, 03 Feb 2014 16:44:07 +1100, Juan Nunez-Iglesias wrote:
> I didn't know this was a possible course of action! =) I have no idea how
> many people are affected, or how quick a fix can be... Is it worth
> exploring a bit more before reversing it? I actually have very little idea
> about the entire build process so I can't offer much insight here...

It broke the build on my system too (perhaps it does not check correctly for
old versions), so my preference is to revert and have another look at it.