Hi all, but especially @tonysyu:

I'm using the viewer for the first time to add some interactivity to my work. Please forgive the noobish-ness: I've only ever worked on command-line stuff. (Thanks btw to @tonysyu for his awesome SciPy lightning talk, which inspired me to even dip my toes in this!)

I'm running an RGB image through a bunch of thresholding and morphological operations, and I want to fiddle with the parameters before getting back the filter output. I'm running into the following problems:

1) The file > save as dialog saves a composite image of the overlay and underlying image, where I just want the overlay.
2) The file > save as dialog actually crashes when the underlying image is RGB! (PR forthcoming)
3) But most of all, I don't actually want to save the overlay, I just want to return it to the calling process. How would one go about this? Here's my code now:

v = viewer.ImageViewer(rgbs[0])
v += CentroPlugin()

which works as expected. I'd like something like:

v = viewer.ImageViewer(rgbs[0])
v += CentroPlugin()
overlay = v.show()
Is this possible?