Le 21/07/2021 à 03:27, Juan Nunez-Iglesias a écrit :
Riadh thinks, correct me if I’m wrong Riadh, that breaking it for 1.0 is ok, *especially* given the 0.20 warning. To be honest, one thing I like about the 0.20 warning is that it will *teach* people to pay attention to version numbers. The other plans, not so much. And these are important not just in this skimage transition but throughout the ecosystem. The Hinsen rule is broken dozens of times across the ecosystem. Even NumPy allows this over “long” deprecation periods. (See the copy=’never’ discussion.) But, back to summaries.

That's in fact my opinion :)

@Stefan, the copy='never' discussion is may be a bad example, but Hinsen himself cites Numpy as a reason for his code to collapse: "Today’s contributors and maintainers of the scientific Python infrastructure come from backgrounds with a much faster time scale of change. For them, NumPy is probably a sufficiently stable infrastructure, whereas for me it isn’t..."

Scikit-image depends on Numpy/Scipy that are already Hinsen-rule-breakers.

Back to our discussion, changing the package name or the import name will impact all our users, while only few of them are concerned with the Hinsen rule. Let's guide those ones to use virtual envs and version pinning that will definitely help them in developing reproducible research.