Hello list,

Tomorrow I am going to do one last pass at the 0.14 milestone and then release 0.14. As a reminder, 0.14.x will be a LTS release, the last skimage version compatible with Python 2.7, and it will receive important backports (bug fixes, critical performance improvements, and maybe even a new feature or two, based principally on community demand).

Given how long we have been planning this release, I think we have reached the point where we should release what we have rather than hold it up for every last PR that we want in it. Many users have requested this release, and it is particularly important for our Windows users that may not have a complete developer toolchain to build from source, and have a difficult time accessing the features that have made it onto master in the past year.

If you have any strong objections to pushing this out, please voice them now.

Egor, you twice mentioned wanting to be release manager for this release. (Sorry that I was not more available to help on those occasions.) I’m happy to let you do this one if you still want to, but I’m also happy to do it myself. Let me know your preference.