On Tue, Mar 24, 2015 at 5:34 PM, AMAN singh <ug201310004@iitj.ac.in> wrote:
Hi Everyone

I have made a basic draft of my proposal here.
Please review it and suggest modifications.

Hi Aman,

This may not be 100% true for all the functionality, but I believe that the gist of the ndimage module is in the 4-5 object-like constructs in ni_support, namely:

  • NI_Iterator in its three flavors: point, subspace and line iterator,
  • NI_LineBuffer and
  • NI_FilterIterator.
Closely linked to this is the choice of a method to deal with multiple dtypes, a question for which I don't think there is an obvious answer. Since performance is critical, you may want to take a look at bottleneck's use of templates that are pre-processed before cythonizing and compiling.

If you get these right, then rather than the leaves of the tree, you will have built a solid foundation, more like the the trunk: porting all the other modules is then going to mostly be little more than an exercise in translation. So I would suggest that you devote more time to getting these fundamental questions right, as some trial and error is going to be inevitable.


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