Greetings, we're using SciKit template_matching and getting confidence values   > 3.   Does that make sense?

A simple example with test images is attached.

Thanks for the fine work!

import numpy, sys
from skimage import data
from skimage import io
from skimage.feature import match_template

def containsLikelyhood(needleLoc, haystackLoc):
haystack = data.imread(haystackLoc, as_grey=True)
needle = data.imread(needleLoc, as_grey=True)
greyLoc  = match_template(haystack, needle)

ij = numpy.unravel_index(numpy.argmax(greyLoc), greyLoc.shape)
x, y = ij[::-1]

height, width = needle.shape
return greyLoc[y][x], (x, y, width, height)

if __name__ == "__main__":
print containsLikelyhood("locatedStar.PNG", "screenshot.PNG")