Hello Daniil

Unfortunately, I am not that well-informed to comment about haar wavelets, I will definitely read up though.

Constructing 2 image cubes is not required, you will construct one to determine (x,y) coordinates of maximas using the the determinant of hessian image cube.
Once that is done, for only those (x, y) points you will compute Laplacian Of Gaussian for different scales, and final the scale space maxima for only those points.

This gives us the best of both approaches.


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Now I have a more well-formed question:
Do you think it is also feasible to approximate laplacian of gaussian with haar wavelets?

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I want to try to implement Hessian-Laplace blob detector (as mentioned in requested features on github page).

Can someone give me the list of corresponding papers, using which I can implement it.

Thank you.