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On Tuesday, May 27, 2014 7:56:59 PM UTC-7, Johannes Schönberger wrote:
Announcement: scikit-image 0.10.0

We're happy to announce the release of scikit-image v0.10.0!

scikit-image is an image processing toolbox for SciPy that includes algorithms
for segmentation, geometric transformations, color space manipulation,
analysis, filtering, morphology, feature detection, and more.

For more information, examples, and documentation, please visit our website:


New Features

In addition to many bug fixes, (speed) improvements and new examples, the 118 pull
requests (1112 commits) merged for this release include the following new
features (PR number in brackets):

- Viewer returns overlays (#810)
- Luv colorspace conversion (#798)
- Phase unwrapping (#644)
- Add Wiener deconvolution (#800)
- Sum filter to rank filters (#844)
- Updates to MCP algorithm. (#854)
- Add ISODATA thresholding (#859)
- Add `imread_collection` automatically if plugin provides `imread` (#862)
- Enforce SLIC superpixels connectivity (#857)
- Estimator class parameters now public (#840)
- BRIEF, ORB and CENSURE features (#834)
- SLIC-zero capabilities for SLIC segmentation. (#864)
- Shaded Polygon for LineProfile Plugin Output (#875)
- Add string inputs for range parameters of `rescale_intensity` (#897)
- Blob Detection (#903)
- `peak_local_max` support for N-d images (#906)
- Add loading from URL in novice module (#916)
- Correct mesh orientation in marching cubes algorithm (#882)
- Added alpha channel support to novice (#946)
- Equality for regionprops (#956)
- IPython notebook export for examples (#1000)

API changes

The following backward-incompatible API changes were made between 0.9 and 0.10:

- Removed deprecated functions in `skimage.filter.rank.*`
- Removed deprecated parameter `epsilon` of `skimage.viewer.LineProfile`
- Removed backwards-compatability of `skimage.measure.regionprops`
- Removed {`ratio`, `sigma`} deprecation warnings of `skimage.segmentation.slic`
  and also remove explicit `sigma` parameter from doc-string example
- Changed default mode of random_walker segmentation to 'cg_mg' > 'cg' > 'bf',
  depending on which optional dependencies are available.
- Removed deprecated `out` parameter of `skimage.morphology.binary_*`
- Removed deprecated parameter `depth` in `skimage.segmentation.random_walker`
- Removed deprecated logger function in `skimage/__init__.py`
- Removed deprecated function `filter.median_filter`
- Removed deprecated `skimage.color.is_gray` and `skimage.color.is_rgb`
- Removed deprecated `skimage.segmentation.visualize_boundaries`
- Removed deprecated `skimage.morphology.greyscale_*`
- Removed deprecated `skimage.exposure.equalize`

Contributors to this release

This release was made possible by the collaborative efforts of many
contributors, both new and old.  They are listed in alphabetical order by

- Raphael Ackermann
- Ankit Agrawal
- Maximilian Albert
- Pietro Berkes
- Vighnesh Birodkar
- François Boulogne
- Olivier Debeir
- Christoph Deil
- Jaidev Deshpande
- Jostein Bø Fløystad
- Neeraj Gangwar
- Michael Hansen
- Almar Klein
- Jeremy Metz
- Juan Nunez-Iglesias
- François Orieux
- Guillem Palou
- Rishabh Raj
- Thomas Robitaille
- Michal Romaniuk
- Johannes L. Schönberger
- Julian Taylor
- Gregor Thalhammer
- Matthew Trentacoste
- Siva Prasad Varma
- Guillem Palou Visa
- Stefan van der Walt
- Josh Warner
- Tony S Yu
- blink1073
- cgohlke
- jaimefrio
- radioxoma
- sharky93

Congratulations?  Any chance of putting up some OSX wheels on pypi?

I've built some here if you'd like to use those:


General build recipe for OSX wheels here: