I've recently started using SciPy/NumPy for my computer vision research work and I wanted to get involved with scikits.image to help build a useful library and to learn more about NumPy and Cython programming. I looked at the tasks list and it seems there is a range of work from fairly simple integration work to some high-end plans (OpenCL backend, etc.). So I thought I might start with e.g., merging some of the Cell Profiler code, but then I saw that there are 24 forks of scikits.image on github and it's not clear to me what is already being worked on. So I thought I would just ask if someone could point me in the direction of some entry level work to do?

Actually I just thought of something else, what is required to update the OpenCV bindings for OpenCV 2.2? I can't seem to use scikits.image at the moment because it can't find the opencv that it's looking for (the default Python bindings for 2.2 work, and native C++ code works too -- so it's definitely installed correctly).