Thanks everyone!

Two clarifications:

It seems like a *really* unhealthy idea to me to silently change numerical values. Despite the extensive communication, the vast majority of your users will not be aware of what's happening and run the risk of silently getting invalid results. I can't think of any important package in the SciPy/PyData ecosystem that has ever done what you're proposing after becoming popular. I would recommend to change the package name or name of the main namespace, to make sure people see an exception and become aware of the problem when they upgrade.

I want to point out that there are many changes in the API itself, so it is extremely unlikely that errors will be silent. The API will change, stuff will break, and users will need to check how to fix it, and they will (presumably) see that the value itself will have changed.

Having said this, I am not above changing our import to skimage2 or similar, so that users have to opt-in to the transition. But I do resent having to import e.g. bs4, so I’d like to avoid this if it all possible. One option is to change all of our *second* level imports, e.g. segmentation -> segment.

Second, Mark, 100% re two branches, that is *not* the proposal, the proposal is to
1. Make a final 0.x release
2. Have a feature freeze in order to release 1.0 with the exact same feature set as 0.x.