Hi Juan,

On Thu, Jul 22, 2021, at 01:37, Juan Nunez-Iglesias wrote:
- 0.19 is released, no deprecations, no nothing, everything is as it always was.
- over six months, we break everything we want to break on master on the road to the brave new 1.0 world.
- once we have everything where we want it, we release 0.20, identical to 0.19 but with a warning to migrate. We simultaneously release 1.0b0, so that people can migrate and depend explicitly on scikit-image>=1.0b0.
- after six months, we release 0.21. This is a completely broken release that does not import: it raises an exception that you *must* either migrate or pin to continue using scikit-image.
- after an unspecified period of time, we finally release 1.0.

Unfortunately, this does not address one of our common user groups:

Scientist writes script.  Scientist goes off to do something else.  Scientist comes back an unspecified time later and runs script.  Results are different without the code breaking.

I am not a fan of all these versioning shenanigans; it will lead to a lot of confusion and churn.

Renaming the import is painful, but it's painful once and then it's over.  It is simple and can be explained to any user.  And we can do it right now, instead of juggling three or four different versions with strange characteristics.