Thanks Josh!

On Tue, Oct 29, 2013 at 10:25 AM, Josh Warner <> wrote:
There was some discussion about the save functionality in the original PR. I admit, I advocated to change "File -> Save As" from saving the overlay to saving the actual image the user sees... so feel free to send some blame for the present behavior my way.

I can see both use cases. The solution, imho, is to have two menu items, "save displayed as" and "save overlay as". I'll make a separate PR for that function. =)

There should be an option to add a Save Overlay button which should allow you to grab the overlay specifically.

I thought about that but wasn't able to wrap my head around how to do that before asking for help here. =)
As to your second question: I think you can send data either to a file, or to a buffer which can be read out using ``. I've used this before, but my memory is a bit fuzzy on it now. If this isn't currently available for scripting like your hoped-for functionality example, I'm sure it could be implemented.

I saw a comment in the code saying something similar to "this doesn't work for interactive sessions", which scared me off it a little bit. But I'll look into that option, which seems most suited to my needs.

Thanks for the PR fixing the save dialog if it's RGB!

No worries! Hopefully it'll get reviewed soon... ;)