Hi folks,

kind of a follow up question of my last one (see here). I still have a chain of image processing tasks, which I want to visualize with the image viewer. Certain parameters should be changed on the fly, where i can see the results in the image viwer immediately by the use of plugins. Something like this basically:

a, b  = previous_function(image, parameter1 = 0.002
= 0.02)
= next_function(image, a, b, another_parameter = 3)

I managed to pass the values a and b, generated by a previous function using Juan's hint with functools.


which was fine as long as I don't want to change parameter1 and parameter2 interactively. What do I do now, when I want to change them? 

Using functools here won't get me far, since now I want to be able to change parameter1 and parameter2 with a slider, as well as another_parameter.

Maybe there is still a way to achive this, I saw something like a callback argument for the widgets, but I am not sure how to use them or whether they are related to my problem at all. I would also be fine with writing my own Plugin class, but could not get my head around the given examples. I feel that something like this is quite common, so I hope there are already ways to achieve this.

Thanks a lot for the great work,