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发件人:Jesu Kiran Spurgen
时    间:2017年5月15日 17:48(星期一)
主题:[scikit-image] Reg: Working to create an ROI interactively and then find contours.

Dear Experts,

I have been able to successfully find the contours on an entire image. 

However,I am more interested to define an ROI interactively and then find the
contours for it, whilst preserving the other parts of the image without any

This is what I'd like to do:

    * Create the ROI interactively for the input image
    * Find contours on that ROI (without cropping the ROI away from the rest of image)
    * Other parts (which are not in the ROI) should remain untouched. 

Link1: The link I used to find the interactive rectangle is:

To find contours, I use OpenCV. 

Any suggestions/help/code would be great! Thanks,

P.S: Sorry for these questions, but I would be ever grateful for a gentle and kind reply. I am new to OpenCV and SciKit, hence this question. Many thanks!

Looking forward for your kind response. Please kindly let me know if I could provide with more information.

Best Regards,
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