Tl;dr: Please visit our new forum at and click on the bell icon to set your notification settings.

Dear scikit-image community,

This mailing list has been going for more than a decade, and we've had lots of good conversations here.  It all started with the announcement of a new scikit after the SciPy2009 sprints.  It's been a fun journey!

But, times are changing and it's not clear that email lists are still the best place for discussion: newcomers to a thread cannot see its history and it is harder to share images, highlight markup, and browse long-running conversations.  Besides, the new generation of contributors prefer more modern ways of communicating.

It is important that we have vibrant spaces where we can discuss (and enjoy discussing!) the project and its future.  Thus, the core team has decided to switch from this mailing list to Discourse.  Our communication channels will now be:

- User Q&A (how to use skimage):
- Contribution / development discussion (previously this list!):
- Chat:

Egor will keep monitoring this list, and will redirect requests as necessary.

Thank you for making this journey with us, and I hope to see y'all over at!

Next up... skimage2! Stay tuned.

Best regards,