Hey Robin!

Coincidentally, I was just yesterday going through this paper, "Projection onto the Manifold of Elongated Structures for Accurate Extraction":

Their source code is available here:

I actually don't even know what language they used because I'm travelling and on a crappy connection, so the 65MB package is just chugging along at 33KBps. =P I presume it's C++, based on previous software from that group, but it might be easily wrappable in Cython.

I'm not aware of other options at the moment, sorry!


On Fri, Nov 6, 2015 at 7:28 AM Robin Wilson <r.t.wilson.bak@googlemail.com> wrote:

Does anyone on this list know of an implementation of some sort of edge linking or edge completion algorithm in Python? I've got some edges, produced with the skimage implementation of canny, with gaps in them which I'm finding hard to fill. I've implemented various 'hacky' methods myself, but I wondered if anyone knew of any code already available to do this in Python?



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