Hi developers

My name is Aman Singh and I am currently a second year undergraduate student of Computer Science department at Indian Institute of Technology, Jodhpur. I want to participate in GSoC'15 and the project I am aiming for is porting scipy.ndimage to cython. I have been following scipy for the last few months and have also made some contributions. I came across this project on their GSoC'15 ideas' page and found it interesting.
I have done some research in the last week on my part. I am going through Cython documentation, scipy lecture on github and Richard's work of GSoC' 14 in which he ported cluster package to cython. While going through the module scipy.ndimage I also found that Thouis Jones had already ported a function ndimage.label() to cython.  I can use that as a reference for the rest of the project.

Please tell me whether I am on right track or not. If you can suggest me some resources which will be helpful to me in understanding the project, I would be highly obliged. Also, I would like to know that how much part of ndimage is to be ported under this project since it is a big module.  
Kindly provide me some suggestions and guide me through this.


Aman Singh