Dear all, thanks for the help! I eventually figure out the issue is iPython Notebook is referring to a different skimage library, which was included in the Canopy distribution... 

import os
path = os.path.dirname(skimage.__file__)


So after uninstalling the Canopy distribution, it is working okay now :-) 


On Monday, 4 May 2015 16:46:09 UTC+1, Julien Derr wrote:
Hi everyone, it is me again ...
I got this error with the label function
TypeError: label() got an unexpected keyword argument 'connectivity'

but I used it exactly like written in the help :

cc= label(binary2,connectivity=2)

I thought it was maybe a problem of version, but it is written in my own help when I type ?label,
so what could it be ? ideas?

thanks again!