Hi everyone,

So the problem is that canny is not working under feature while i see all the tutorials online using the feature module
if i look at the directory, it s just not there

>>> print dir(skimage.feature)
['BRIEF', 'CENSURE', 'ORB', '__all__', '__builtins__', '__doc__', '__file__', '__name__', '__package__', '__path__', '_daisy', '_hessian_det_appx', '_hog', '_texture', 'blob', 'blob_dog', 'blob_doh', 'blob_log', 'brief', 'brief_cy', 'censure', 'censure_cy', 'corner', 'corner_cy', 'corner_fast', 'corner_foerstner', 'corner_harris', 'corner_kitchen_rosenfeld', 'corner_moravec', 'corner_orientations', 'corner_peaks', 'corner_shi_tomasi', 'corner_subpix', 'daisy', 'greycomatrix', 'greycoprops', 'hessian_matrix', 'hessian_matrix_det', 'hessian_matrix_eigvals', 'hog', 'local_binary_pattern', 'match', 'match_descriptors', 'match_template', 'orb', 'orb_cy', 'peak', 'peak_local_max', 'plot_matches', 'structure_tensor', 'structure_tensor_eigvals', 'template', 'texture', 'util']

looked up a bit on the web this issue, found that it s in feature, proven by :  

>>> print dir(skimage.filter)
['LPIFilter2D', '__all__', '__builtins__', '__doc__', '__file__', '__name__', '__package__', '__path__', '_canny', '_gabor', '_gaussian', '_rank_order', 'canny', 'denoise_bilateral', 'denoise_tv_bregman', 'denoise_tv_chambolle', 'deprecated', 'edges', 'gabor_filter', 'gabor_kernel', 'gaussian_filter', 'hprewitt', 'hscharr', 'hsobel', 'inverse', 'lpi_filter', 'prewitt', 'rank', 'rank_order', 'restoration', 'roberts', 'roberts_negative_diagonal', 'roberts_positive_diagonal', 'scharr', 'sobel', 'threshold_adaptive', 'threshold_isodata', 'threshold_otsu', 'threshold_yen', 'thresholding', 'vprewitt', 'vscharr', 'vsobel', 'wiener']

now the thing is can i fix this and why is it there ?

Appreciate any help on the matter.

Note : "from skimage import filter" works perfectly