Hi all,

I'm working on the color spaces, and would like some feedback. Doing color space conversions is very simple, but finding the right references and making sure things are correct is a real pain. So I'm wondering what spaces are useful and unambiguously defined.

So far I have
- RGB : sRGB with D65 whitepoint, the "central" color space in the API.
- HSV : unambiguous
- XYZ : unambiguous
- CIE RGB : unambiguous
- RGB NTSC : from Travis' code, not sure what it is. Not equal to YIQ, which is the color space used for NTSC. Will delete again unless I figure it out.

Some code, seems clearly defined

Some code, but not sure about
- RGBP : gamma corrected sRGB. I am usually interested in intensities / photon counts, so I have a natural aversion to this one. Anyone care?
- YIQ : see RGB NTSC above
- RGB SB : Stiles and Burch (1955) 2-degree RGB color space. seems obsolete.
- UVW : seems obsolete
- YUV / YCbCr / YCC / YPbPr / 8-bit YCbCr : these are all similar and often confused. A mess. 

No code yet, but commonly used

The code I have so far lives here: http://github.com/rgommers/scikits.image/tree/color

I'm afraid adding color spaces that are not clearly defined does more harm than good, so please let me know which color spaces are useful for you.