Hi YXDragon,

The majority of tests, except 1,3,9,11, generates this error: Connectivity dimension must be same as image

Do you think, I have an older version of skimage? or could it be another thing?


On Wed, Nov 29, 2017 at 2:03 PM, <imagepy@sina.com> wrote:
Hi Everyone:
I had implemented a watershed by numba, and now it has pass all the test_watershed check and got a exactly same result with skimage, support watershed-line, support connectivity, (pass test 0-12, but mine did not support compact yet)

It support nd, now only support uint8 image with uint16 marks. (because I think sometimes it is enough, It can process float image if it is needed)

And it is very smart and fast. less than 100 lines, and faster than skimage one. a 3d image which skimage run more than 10 minutes ( and I cannot wait any longer, so kill it), but my watershed just need 28 s.

The code are attached. 


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