Announcement: scikit-image 0.14.1

Hi all,

We're happy to announce the release of scikit-image v0.14.1!

scikit-image is an image processing toolbox for SciPy that includes algorithms
for segmentation, geometric transformations, color space manipulation,
analysis, filtering, morphology, feature detection, and more.

This is our first release under our Long Term Support for 0.14 policy. As a
reminder, 0.14 is the last release to support Python 2.7, but it will be
updated with bug fixes and popular features until January 1st, 2020.

Wheels are available right now on PyPI for Windows, Mac, and Linux.
Conda packages will be available soon on conda-forge.

This release contains the following changes from 0.14.0:

Bug fixes
- ``skimage.color.adapt_rgb`` was applying input functions to the wrong axis
- ``CollectionViewer`` now indexes correctly (it had been broken by an update
  to NumPy indexing) (#3288)
- Handle deprecated indexing-by-list and NumPy ``matrix`` from NumPy 1.15
  (#3238, #3242, #3292)
- Fix incorrect inertia tensor calculation (#3303) (Special thanks to JP Cornil
  for reporting this bug and for their patient help with this fix)
- Fix missing comma in ``__all__`` listing of ``moments_coord_central``, so it
  and ``moments_normalized`` can now be correctly imported from the ``measure``
  namespace (#3374)
- Fix background color in ``label2rgb(..., kind='avg')`` (#3280)
- Fix an UnboundLocalVariable error when an image consisting of all NaNs was
  passed to ``filters.threshold_li`` (#3402)

- "Reflect" mode in transforms now works fine when an image dimension has size
  1 (#3174)
- ``img_as_float`` now allows single-precision (32-bit) float arrays to pass
  through unmodified, rather than being up-converted to 64-bit (#3110, #3052,
- Speed up rgb2gray computation (#3187)
- The scikit-image viewer now works with different PyQt versions (#3157)
- The ``cycle_spin`` function for enhanced denoising works single-threaded
  when dask is not installed now (#3218)
- scikit-image's ``io`` module will no longer inadvertently set the matplotlib
  backend when imported (#3243)
- Fix deprecated ``get`` keyword from dask in favor of ``scheduler`` (#3366)
- Add missing ``cval`` parameter to threshold_local (#3370)

API changes
- Remove deprecated ``dynamic_range`` in ``measure.compare_psnr`` (#3313)

- Improve the documentation on data locality (#3127)
- Improve the documentation on dealing with video (#3176)
- Update broken link for Canny filter documentation (#3276)
- Fix incorrect documentation for the ``center`` parameter of
  ``skimage.transform.rotate`` (#3341)
- Fix incorrect formatting of docstring in ``measure.profile_line`` (#3236)

Build process / development
- Ensure Cython is 0.23.4 or newer (#3171)
- Suppress warnings during testing (#3143)
- Fix skimage.test (#3152)
- Don't upload artifacts to AppVeyor (there is no way to delete them) (#3315)
- Remove ``import *`` from the scikit-image package root (#3265)
- Allow named non-core contributors to issue MeeseeksDev commands (#3357,
- Add testing in Python 3.7 (#3359)
- Add license file to the binary distribution (#3322)
- ``lookfor`` is no longer defined in ```` but rather imported to it
- Add ``pyproject.toml`` to ensure Cython is present before building (#3295)
- Add explicit Python version Trove classifiers for PyPI (#3417)
- Ignore known test failures in 32-bit releases, allowing 32-bit wheel builds
- Ignore failure to raise floating point warnings on certain ARM platforms
- Fix tests to be compatible with PyWavelets 1.0 (#3406)

Made with commits from (alphabetical by last name):

- François Boulogne
- Genevieve Buckley
- Sean Budd
- Matthias Bussonnier
- Sarkis Dallakian
- Christoph Deil
- François-Michel De Rainville
- Emmanuelle Gouillart
- Yaroslav Halchenko
- Mark Harfouche
- Jonathan Helmus
- Gregory Lee
- @Legodev
- Matt McCormick
- Juan Nunez-Iglesias
- Egor Panfilov
- Jesse Pangburn
- Johannes Schönberger
- Stefan van der Walt
- Hugo VK

Reviewed by (alphabetical by last name):

- François Boulogne
- Emmanuelle Gouillart
- Mark Harfouche
- Juan Nunez-Iglesias
- Egor Panfilov
- Stéfan van der Walt
- Josh Warner

And with the special support of [MeeseeksDev](,
created by Matthias Bussonnier