Hey Michal,

Cool! That was quick! =) But there's no such thing as "not ready for a pull request", if you have already checked that it would be welcome in skimage, and it runs. Just start the PR title with "WIP" work in progress. Then we can make comments directly on the code, which is not the case here. =)



On Thu, Nov 28, 2013 at 4:34 AM, Michal Romaniuk <m.p.romaniuk@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi Juan,

I made the changes to add SLIC-zero but the code has become a bit messy and redundant... I think it's not ready for a pull request yet but I would welcome some feedback :)


I also updated the plot_segmentations.py example to add SLIC-zero to the comparison. It's available here:



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