Dear skimagers:

Just a few more hours until our next scikit-image Pacific community meeting! The meeting will start at 4:10pm Pacific time on Monday, Mar 16, 2020. (7:10pm US Eastern, 10:10am Tuesday Australian Eastern).

Anyone is free to participate at:

Note that you will be muted by default when joining. You can unmute yourself to say hi. =)

If you encounter any issues with the Zoom videoconferencing, you can shout out on our chat room at

The meeting agenda is available for anyone to contribute here:

Please do not delete any content you did not write. Treat the document as append-only. Feel free also to use the document to draw our attention to an issue, even if you can't make the meeting.

If you're unable to attend the meeting, you can find a summary of the meeting notes later that day at this repo:
The repo now also contains notes from the scikit-image Atlantic meetings.

See you tomorrow!