Yeap. That is a problem on my mesh... Sorry.
So yes, it is working with the mesh sent to this list together with the problem file.
I am not using the extend_cell_data() for the moment.



2014-04-02 23:51 GMT+02:00 Robert Cimrman <>:
On 04/02/2014 11:39 PM, David Libault wrote:
Hi Robert,

Thank you for your kind answer.
Added 'facet' to the regions did fix the error problem, but the values of
the fluxes are not as expected :

flux1.sum() :  -0.817686412623

flux2.sum() :  0.904600038826

It should be -1 and 1...

flux1 has 8 "terms" and flux2 has 9 "terms"...

Is it a problem in the mesh ? Or is it a "side effet" of to the
"extend_cell_data()" issue ?

What values do you get ?

-1 for Gamma_Left, 1 for Gamma_Right - with the essai_2D.mesh


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