Good guess! After installing scikit-umfpack using conda(-forge?), I executed 'sfepy-run run_tests'.
The final message was:
98 test file(s) executed in 695.81 s, 2 failure(s) of 165 test(s).

The two failures (expected) are related to navier-stokes2d and test_projection_iga_fem .
I think it is ok now!
I must thank you again for your support.
Best regards

2017-03-30 16:56 GMT-03:00 Robert Cimrman <>:
On 30.3.2017 21:47, Emanuel Woiski wrote:
Sure. Please find attached.
Thanks for looking into it.

So it fails when the code is about to solve a linear system. Do you have scikit-umfpack installed? Does work?


2017-03-30 8:33 GMT-03:00 Robert Cimrman <>:

Well, sfepy does not use MKL by itself anywhere, only through other
packages, like numpy.

"sfepy-run run_tests" also fails? If yes, could you send us the output of
"sfepy-run run_tests --raise"?

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