Hi Robert,


I succeeded in applying my Bcs with Tetgen.


Following one example you provided in the Sfepy distribution (acoustic_wg.vtk) I added to my VTK file a section:

POINT_DATA number of nodes

SCALARS node_groups int 1



Where I set “number of nodes” according to my mesh

Then I copy all node attributes provided by the *.node file generated by Tetgen


Then I use the following syntax in Sfepy:


regions = {

    'Omega' : 'all', # or 'cells of group 6'

    'Gamma_Left' : ('vertices of group 4', 'edge'),

    'Gamma_Right' : ('vertices of group 5', 'edge'),



‘4’ and ‘5’ are the number I currently use to identify my BCs.


And surprisingly it works !  Regions definition did not work when I use ‘facet’ instead or ‘edge’.


I wonder why, when I read the *.node file from Sfepy, the node attributes can not be used to set BCs ?


All the very best