Dear Robert,
 I just used "%run examples/diffusion/" on Canopy editor and it ran with out any errors. Thank you very much for your replies.


On Friday, 20 November 2015 15:33:08 UTC+5:30, Robert Cimrman wrote:
On 11/20/2015 10:52 AM, Madhu Mahadevappa wrote:
> It is included in canopy.

Cannot find it here:

> 1) I tried installing it manually but getting following error.
>       line 314, in package_check
>      raise RuntimeError(msgs['missing'] % pkg_name)
>      RuntimeError: tables is missing
> 2) To resolve this I tried installing PyTables there also I'm getting an
> error
>        "Could not find a local HDF5 installation.
>     You may need to explicitly state where your local HDF5 headers and
>     library can be found by setting the ``HDF5_DIR`` environment
>     variable or by using the ``--hdf5`` command-line option".
> That's why I used Canopy.
>   I have been trying from 2-3 weeks but couldn't resolve.

Try using anaconda [1] instead - it does not contain sfepy, but contains all
the required packages to install sfepy manually.